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Snowflakes Herbal Tea, 30 gr.

Snowflakes Herbal Tea, 30 gr.

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This herbal tea composed entirely of plants and flowers from Gaspésie was specially created in collaboration with Vinaigrerie Artisanale Mc Duff.

-Nettle, Balsam Fir, Wild Mint, Wintergreen, Black Elderberries, Thyme, White Immortelles, Cornflowers & Raspberries.

When taking plants internally for specific health problems, we strongly advise you to consult an herbalist therapist to obtain a health check, personalized, safe and effective treatment, and follow-up.

The information on this website does not in any way replace the advice of a health professional. It is included for informational purposes only.

Herbalism la Prêle du Temps (

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