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Sweet vinegar 250 ml.

Sweet vinegar 250 ml.

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Sweet Vinegar is a Balsamic type vinegar with 4.5% acetic acid which contains only 3g of sugar per serving after its double fermentation.

It delicately replaces red wine vinegar and balsamics in your favorite recipes.

Try it, you will fall under its charms.

Made in the Eastern Townships from pure water and fair trade raw cane sugar from the Peruvian Andes, Mc Duff brown sugar vinegars enhance your grilled dishes, salads and stir-fries with their aromas of roasted golden caramel. Slowly fermented in the traditional way on a bed of beech wood, they are neither filtered nor pasteurized and thus retain all the probiotic benefits of their rich vinegar mothers.

Ing: panela vinegar, organic and fair trade granulated panela. (unfiltered, unpasteurized, gluten-free). contains yeasts (saccharomyces cerevisiae, acetobacter aceti, turbatrix aceti). may contain traces of alcohol and yeast.

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